Update: Man Rescues Abducted Child after Seeing Amber Alert

FRESNO, CALIF.: More details have emerged regarding the case of an eight-year-old girl abducted from her front yard Monday evening. Elisa Cardenas was rescued by a man who learned of her disappearance through an Amber Alert. She’d been playing in her family’s front yard with a group of children when a man grabbed her and drove away with her in his pick-up truck.

Police issued an Amber Alert that included a description of the truck. Victor Perez, a Fresno resident who lived near where the child was abducted, saw the alert with family members. Then a cousin spotted the abductor’s truck. Perez jumped in his own vehicle and pursued.

Perez told ABC News that he caught up with the truck and became determined to stop it when he saw Cardenas inside. He was able to pull in front of the vehicle, at which point the abductor shoved Cardenas out of the truck. She was reportedly uninjured.

Gregorio Gonzales, a 24-year-old gang member on felony probation, was arrested in the case.

October 5, 2010
: “Child Returned Following Amber Alert”
An eight-year-old girl forcibly abducted from her family’s front yard was found safe this week after authorities issued Amber Alerts.