U.K. Broadcasters No Longer Accepting Videotapes

LONDON—The use of videotape for file delivery is now officially part of the past in the U.K. As of Oct. 1, U.K. broadcasters would no longer accept delivery on videotape said Mark Harrison, Digital Production Partnership managing director. To help with the new procedures, DPP has released an updated version of “A Producer’s Guide to File Delivery.”

“It’s the natural next step three years after the DPP initiated its AS-11 file delivery specification,” said Harrison in regards to the stopping of videotape delivery. “The latest version of our guide helps producers deliver their programs in a world without videotape. It also offers guidance on emerging specifications and formats that will impact them.”

The updated guide incorporates the DPP’s “Delivering Close to TX—Without Tape: What U.K. Producers Need to Know,” and provides insights into things like UHD.

The guide was enabled by DPP member Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc. It is available for download here.