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Two New Calrec Consoles for NEP Sharpshooters

Mobile production company NEP Sharpshooters recently acquired two Calrec Artemis consoles for use in their broadcast trucks.

The Artemis runs on Calrec’s proprietary Bluefin2 high density signal processor and Hydra2 networking technology, unifying inputs and outputs inside and outside the truck, regardless of the source’s location. Standard Artemis features include a mix of OLED displays, touch screens and light-emitting knobs, giving immediate visual feedback and flexibility for the user.

One Artemis will be installed in SS29, NEP’s new truck dedicated to covering NASCAR races for the Speed Channel. The other is reserved for SS9, a mid-sized HD truck supporting 720p and 1080i broadcasts, used primarily for NBA and NFL coverage.

The SS29 and SS9 will be deployed for action in early 2011.