TVU Networks unveils TVU Grid IP-based distribution, routing, switching system

TVU Networks has launched TVU Grid, a video distribution, routing and switching system that gives broadcasters the ability to seamlessly switch live IP video content and share live video streams between multiple remote locations.

TVU Grid offers unlimited scalability, making it well-suited for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint live video distribution system for network affiliates and station groups.

TVU Grid consists of the TVU Grid Transceiver, TVU Grid Switch Panel, TVU Grid Server and TVU Grid Management Server. TVUPack, TVUPack Mini and TVU Anywhere mobile broadcast systems are also an integral part of the TVU Grid ecosystem.

With TVU Grid Transceiver, broadcasters can distribute live video captured by any SDI input source, including portable wireless broadcast devices like TVUPack transmitters, professional cameras, video switchers, standard media players and local live studio feeds with minimal latency. TVU Grid uses the new TVU Transceiver, a purpose-built server capable of receiving and transmitting Grid streams as well as receiving and decoding TVUPack transmissions.

Gray Television as well as other media organizations and station groups have already deployed TVU Grid in the field.