TV Cabo selects Harmonic’s optical networking technology

TV Cabo, a subsidiary of PT Multimedia and the largest pay-TV operator in Portugal, is using Harmonic’s HFC broadband access solutions to optimize bandwidth efficiency in its cable TV network.

The broadcaster has implemented Harmonic’s METROLink forward and return path transmitters for narrowcast applications. Harmonic now provides a complete HFC transport solution for TV Cabo that includes MAXLink broadcast transmitters and receivers, PWRBlazer scalable nodes and Harmonic’s newest return path solution.

Harmonic offers a range of 1GHz and digital return path systems as part of a set of bandwidth reclamation, segmentation and extension solutions, which increase network capacity, reach, reliability and manageability. The company said these scalable solutions enabled cable operators to leverage their existing infrastructure investments while allowing the network to grow to meet the demands of an increasingly on-demand and interactive world.

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