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TV Berlin deploys LiveU IP newsgathering technology, adds more live content

TV Berlin, the German city's local channel, has increased use of live content in its broadcasts following its deployment of LiveU LU60 technology.

TV Berlin is now using the technology for live feeds during a daily news show and also longer live segments for the channel's breaking news show.

TV Berlin's video journalists have been able to adapt to the IP newsgathering system quickly because of its ease of use. LU60 technology also is being used to support spontaneous broadcasting of live content.

"Before we started using LiveU we simply couldn't broadcast live from many events because SNG units and satellite capacity is simply too expensive for a local TV channel, said TV Berlin GM Mathias Adler. "LiveU allows us to include completely new elements in our programming, which significantly raises the quality of our broadcasts. New ideas are also developing now we understand the possibilities that the technology allows, particularly broadcasting live while on the move."

Adler recalled an instance when the planned live coverage of a major basketball game was in jeopardy due to a weak satellite signal. "We were lucky that we had a LiveU unit with us, and this allowed us to cover the whole game. The signal was good enough and very stable so we now use it for sports coverage too," he said.

The service and equipment was provided by LiveU's German distributor, Netorium.