Triveni to Supply Clear Channel With PSIP Implementation

Clear Channel Television has hired Triveni Digital Inc. to provide PSIP implementation and ATSC transport stream measurement solutions for its 18 television stations.

Triveni will provide Clear Channel with seven GuideBuilder PSIP Metadata Generation Systems and seven StreamScope ATSC Transport Stream Monitor and Analyzers. Triveni will also supply five specially engineered GuideBuilders with dual-playout capability for the Clear Channel Television duopolies in Harrisburg, Penn.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Little Rock, Ark.; Mobile, Ala.; and Tulsa, Ok. and one triple-playout GuideBuilder for the triopoly in Memphis, Tenn. At the duopolies and the triopoly, GuideBuilder will be modified to allow a single PSIP system to send out different PSIP data for each individual station.

GuideBuilder allows broadcasters to collect, translate, manage, and generate PSIP data compliant with the ATSC/A65 standard, with features for centralcasting support with multiple outputs carrying localized PSIP data. StreamScope records, monitors, measures and analyzes a digital television station's streams and signals to ensure they are free of problems and comply with ATSC standards.