Triveni to Build Distribution Network for Gemstar-TV IPG

Gemstar-TV has tapped Triveni Digital to build a distribution network for TV Guide On Screen--an IPG built into electronics products.

GuideBuilder is the metadata management system that Triveni Digital built to accept the TV Guide on Screen information from Gemstar-TV network center. Data from the network center is inserted into DTV streams at ATSC broadcast stations in North America.

GuideBuilder will support ATSC stations--through its PSIP generator--in distributing program information by enhancing the system to support listings from TV Guide Data Solutions--a data collection and distribution business.

To use TV On Screen, users plug in the television or recording device and activate the guide through a set-up process. Users do not need a subscription or phone connection. The program listings are continually updated.

Companies that have a license to the Gemstar-TV IPG include JVC, Sony and Thomson.