Triveni Launches Cloud-Based GuideBuilder

PRINCETON, N.J.: Triveni Digital is introducing a a new cloud-based version of its GuideBuilder metadata generation system. This new version of GuideBuilder leverages a Web-based GUI, centralized control and management capabilities, and a new network-based PSIP carousel download service to provide a method for generating the required PSIP elements of the ATSC signal.

The turnkey solution handles listing inputs for both legacy ATSC and ATSC M/H, enabling users to deliver accurate PSIP data for DTV services on TVs and mobile DTV-enabled PCs, smartphones, and tablet devices from a single, unified platform.

The new network-based PSIP carousel download service integrates with leading MPEG-2 encoders and multiplexers. Broadcasters can import program data from a variety of traffic systems, automation systems and commercial listing services, as well as manually add program information or customized data. Multiple users can simultaneously access and manage program event information from any location through an intuitive, Web-based interface.

This fully redundant system stores program data on a virtual cloud and reduces a broadcaster’s maintenance by providing 24/7 support from a centralized architecture. Mobile ATSC M/H signaling and ESG data can be carouseled using an open interface, for which most leading multiplexor vendors have announced support.

The cloud-based GuideBuilder service can be used in a wide variety of configurations, ranging from a single low-power station, a duopoly, or to multiple stations as part of a group environment.