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Triveni Digital Offers StreamScope Portal

PRINCETON, N.J.— Triveni Digital has introduced StreamScope Portal, a portable, tablet-based MPEG analysis and monitoring tool.

Leveraging StreamScope Portal's personalized form factor and a variety of dongle-based input options, users can cost-effectively perform real-time, file-based MPEG-2/MPEG-4 analysis and remote monitoring of DTV transport streams on Gigabit Ethernet networks and other key interfaces to ensure compliance with industry standards and deliver a high quality of service to viewers.

StreamScope Portal also acts as a gateway into other Triveni Digital products, including GuideBuilder 5.0 and StreamScope analyzers and remote monitoring devices. Through an intuitive Web-based user interface, the tool maximizes operational efficiencies and cost savings for broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV operators. Optional dongles supporting other input interfaces, such as RF, will be available later this year.

StreamScope Portal will start shipping in Q3 2013.