Triveni Digital and MobiTV to collaborate

Triveni Digital and MobiTV are collaborating to provide broadcasters with solutions for interactive mobile DTV delivery. The integrated system, built on Triveni Digital's GuideBuilder metadata management platform and the MobiTV Interactivity Server and Mobile TV Client, will make it easier for broadcasters to launch new interactive mobile media services that create new revenue streams while offering consumers a time-coordinated, targeted and personalized experience.

The MobiTV Interactivity Server and Mobile TV client employ the application framework of ATSC A/153, based on OMA RME, to add interactive elements to mobile broadcasts. These technologies are shaping the industry's approach to interactive mobile media service delivery, as many leading station groups have partnered with MobiTV to develop consumer applications for launch in late 2011.

Triveni Digital's GuideBuilder supports ATSC standards, and the GuideBuilder ESG component provides metadata that allows users to select and change viewing channels and to access information about current show, duration, rating and other characteristics. GuideBuilder NRT will support a number of unique interactive services developed over time with MobiTV, such as "unbound" weather and traffic information, and "bound" (or timeline and content-related) services that allow the consumer to engage with a specific program or commercial through interactive elements such as real-time voting, polls, statistics, click-throughs and requests for further information. Triveni Digital and MobiTV plan to make unique features available to their joint customers.