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Triveni Digital Adds Features to StreamScope MT-40

PRINCETON, N.J.: Triveni Digital announced that it has enhanced its StreamScope MT-40 comprehensive real-time DTV transport stream analysis and verification solution with the integration of mobile analysis capabilities and CALM support. The new StreamScope MT-40 version 4.7 release gives users the ability to monitor multiple terrestrial and mobile transport streams in real time from any location across the network using a single integrated product. It also addresses loudness regulation in the United States, LATAM, APAC, and Europe with extended audio loudness monitoring and analysis capabilities.

The StreamScope MT-40 provides end-to-end MPEG-2/MPEG-4 transport stream analysis and monitoring for DTV services carried by broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV, or mobile DTV networks. Because the StreamScope MT-40 provides the same level of analysis for mobile DTV as for terrestrial DTV, broadcasters can view EPG and ESG data and program guides as well as verify ATSC, MPEG, A-78, SCTE, DVB-SI, ISDB, and ATSC M/H standards and protocols. The system enables users to monitor mobile video frame timing and structure, parade and ensemble usage, required SSC tables, ESG data, and much more from just one GUI. Ongoing MT-40 software updates from Triveni Digital ensure that users remain equipped to work with the latest DTV technologies.

In addressing loudness regulations, Triveni Digital’s StreamScope MT-40 version 4.7 enhances the MT-40’s comprehensive real-time analysis and verification of DTV transport streams with loudness monitoring. Building on existing audio monitoring capabilities including dialnorm, Triveni Digital has extended the StreamScope MT-40’s capabilities by allowing users to monitor and analyze audio loudness according to ITU-R Recommendation BS.1770. As a result, users can continuously log and export accurate loudness measurements of broadcasts in real time, as well as provide evidence of compliance with CALM requirements.

Along with mobile analysis and loudness monitoring, Triveni Digital also extended the StreamScope MT-40’s analysis capabilities and its support for a variety of stream types and standards by introducing ISDB-T table support, the standard used widely in South America.