Travel Channel Treks into HD

The Travel Channel has begun simulcasting an HD version of its programming that has been picked up by a handful of local Cox Cable operators, but will not be offered as a new HD venue on Comcast, Time Warner and other major cable and DBS distributors in the immediate future. (Cox owns and operates the Travel Channel.)

While the Travel Channel mostly targets trekking around the world as its mainstay draw, in recent years it has delved into exotic cooking shows, as well. One of its most popular series is “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations,” featuring the New York chef and bestselling author, who combines both cooking and exotic locales.

In a so-called “landscape study” of Travel Channel HD’s future potential conducted last fall, Frank N. Magid Associates found that “Travel Channel was ranked the most anticipated new HD cable network among current HD subscribers.” The survey also found that more than half of HD subscribers who are currently Travel Channel viewers “are likely to arrange for a programming service that included Travel Channel HD.”

The Travel Channel is starting up a national TV and print marketing campaign focusing on the theme, “Some Things Are Meant for HD.”