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Toshiba Unveils Stainless Steel HD, Addresses Blu-ray Plans

Add one more vital appliance to the other stainless steel products in the kitchen, such as the stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator: a stainless steel LCD HD television set from Toshiba. Actually, it's more than an HD set. It's also a DVD player (albeit not Blu-ray).

The 19-inch 16:9 kitchen unit (model 19LV612U) is the latest in a recent Toshiba line of LCD TV/DVD combo products. The company said shipments will begin in September in North America and Asia, and will carry MSRP of about $350.

On a related HD issue, Toshiba has so far resisted producing any Blu-ray Disc products to date — presumably because it was the prime proponent of the rival HD DVD standard (and marrying Blu-ray so soon after HD DVD's death might have seemed unseemly).

But rumors have persisted for months that Toshiba is about to embark on some Blu-ray ventures, and in late July the firm did not squelch that speculation — diplomatically pointing out that for the moment it will remain open and flexible on the Blu-ray front.

Several CE bloggers took that to mean Toshiba will get around to Blu-ray player production sooner rather than later.