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Toshiba to Release Third-Gen HD DVD Players

Toshiba America said this week it plans to unveil the third generation of its line of HD DVD players for the U.S. market by the fall, as the disc format’s principal backer continues to launch new products to bolster its side in the next-gen disc war.

Toshiba said in a statement this week that HD DVD players carrying several brand names are continuing to outpace the competition in sales of “dedicated” HD disc players, in response to increased consumer demand. The term “dedicated” refers to standalone units and excludes the sale of rival Blu-ray Disc players that are built internally with all PlayStation 3 game consoles. (When the PS3 numbers are excluded, Toshiba maintains it sells more players in Europe than Blu-ray standalones.)

The new trio of third-gen Toshiba players will be priced at $300, $400 and $500, respectively, according to the firm. New enhancements in the two higher-end models will include 1080p/24 fps support. (The new entry-level HD-A3 player offers 1080i.)