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Toshiba Develops Breakthrough 3D Modeling

CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND: Researchers at Toshiba’s U.K. facility have come up with a relatively simple yet highly accurate 3D modeling method, reports. The human face is particularly problematic when it comes to 3D modeling; it was one of the finer points upon which James Cameron expended hefty resources for “Avatar.”

Toshiba’s model involves using green, red and blue lights fixed in different positions in a dark room, and capturing the subject with a single camera. The technology is a breakthrough for gaming and portends far more realistic avatars than are now available. It’s also expected to be used in movies to model actors.

Scientists at Toshiba unveiled wallpaper TV last year, a technology using nano-grating to get more illumination from organic-light-emitting diode display technology. They developed gesture-controlled TV a few years back as well. The company is among several consumer electronics manufacturers planning to introduce 3DTVs to the market this year.

February 24, 2009: Toshiba Develops Wallpaper TV
OLED wall covering could be used for anything from a video display to a source of ambient lighting. While the technology is nowhere near the point of being a retail product, the scientific advances continue nonetheless. Scientists in Japan have created a OLED capable of producing 3D images through the use of circularly polarized light.