Torque Video Systems DVStor Offers Means To Deflect Ransomware Attacks

Torque Video Systems
(Image credit: Torque Video Systems)

 SINGAPORE— Broadcast monitoring and management solutions, disaster recovery playout and transcoding platform provider Torque Video Systems today announced TV station deployments of its DVStor disaster recovery playout systems have been expanded to deflect ransomware attacks. 

“Malicious cyber threats and ransomware attacks in recent months have impacted several industries, and broadcast operations [have] not [been] unscathed,” said Danny Wilson, company founder and CEO.

“These days, having an air-gapped DVStor at the transmitter provides multi-day reliable disaster recovery playout in the event of ransomware incidents," he continued. "The DVStor assures that broadcast stations remain on-air even though their entire operations may be disrupted, keeping ad revenue flowing in—a small price for peace of mind.”

Torque DVStor is a compliance recording, disaster recovery and playout device. Its Incremental File Transfer feature, for instance, is well-suited for news organizations that monitor overseas news broadcasts and want full resolution clips back at their local studio. 

The DVStor can remotely acquire full-resolution content and efficiently transfer it to a central catcher machine. The DVStor supports flexible, event-driven scheduling, facilitates set up of periodic schedules to acquire and transfer specific programs daily, weekly or at some other interval. Scheduled events also can be set with an expiration date, making the system perfect for catching the daily summaries, for example, of global sports events. 

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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