Top stations lean on advanced graphics for election coverage

ABC, CBS, CNN and the Fox News Channel, along with many local stations throughout the country, completed this election season with advanced graphics for its coverage of U.S. Congressional midterm elections.

These stations were just a few that relied on specialized software from companies such as Vizrt to create dynamic and creative graphics for live Nov. 7 election results broadcasts.

CNN’s election coverage included the use of more than 15 Viz|Engines. CNN displayed nine state election races using output from one PC-based Viz|Engine renderer. The Viz|Engines were used to cover the results from numerous election races, which were displayed side-by-side on a large Christie rear-screen projection system. Using a Vista Matrix controller, four Viz|Engines and an HD DDR were used to populate the screen. Each Viz|Engine is capable of displaying nine races, down to a single election race output.

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