Top HD Seller Vizio Cites Record Holiday Sales

Vizio, the HD LCD panel and Blu-ray player maker from Irvine, Calif. that is barely more than a toddler in industry years, continued selling the most LCD HD panels of any other maker in the United States with what it says were record sales for the company in the 2009 holiday season.

During the five-week holiday sales period (Nov. 23-Dec, 27), American consumers latched onto more than 1.15 million Vizio HD sets — representing a 50-percent jump over Vizio's sales numbers from Christmas 2008. The firm's big-box store approach with no frills and thus, low price points, offers HD LCD panels in sizes ranging from 19 to 55 inches.

From the 1.15 million units sold in the 35-day holiday season, Vizio said about 150,000 panels were 120HZ or 240Hz, 40,000 sets were 50 inches or larger, and 20,000 were LED LCD.

But not all of Vizio sales numbers were quite as impressive. It only managed to sell a total of about 65,000 Blu-ray players at its many Costco, Walmart, Target, Sears, Sam's Club and other big-box outlets.