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TM Systems to show digital translation, dubbing, sub-titling software

Before TM Systems, language versioning of feature films and television programming was typically-time consuming, costly, subject to piracy, occasionally lost in customs, inefficient and inconsistent.

With the introduction of TM Systems, a fully integrated, digital language translation, dubbing and subtitling software, those problems have been dramatically reduced. In addition, the TM Systems process does away with the need for video and videotape, shipping of any kind, and inconsistency in dubbed and subtitled versions.

With TM Systems, casting sessions can be done in territory and instantly reviewed at home or in the office over the Internet. The entire process is digital, eliminating the need for videotape. Tremendous savings are realized by doing away with tape duplication and shipping costs. Time code and character names are automatically inserted, for assurance of consistency among multiple language versions. Users claim a time-savings of nearly 40 percent over traditional dubbing and subtitling processes.

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