TiVo Joins HD Realm With THX Certification

TiVo is launching its first HD-compatible DVR product, the Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder, which the firm said is the world's first THX-certified DVR with the A/V quality of original HD content.

The TiVo Series3 HD box will allow subs to use current features like Season Pass recording and WishList searching in the HD realm. And the company said "extensive video analysis and performance testing by THX will ensure that recorded content will play back at maximum quality and resolution."

The Series 3 carries dual tuners to allow recording two HD programs simultaneously, even while watching a third prerecorded HD or SD show (should that need ever arise). Series3 has an OLED front-panel display that does not require a backlight, and which indicates what is being recorded, whether the TV set is on or off.

TiVo said the Series3 HD box, which reportedly may begin at a list price of about $800, will hold 32 hours of recorded HD programming or 300 hours of SD content. The company said the advanced chipset in its HD box "lays the groundwork for more advanced download features" in the future.