Thomson, Telestream & Pinnacle Go to the Oscars

Pinnacle provided its Deko 3000HD real-time graphics systems for live on-air graphics for HD and SD broadcasts of the recent Academy Awards.

With Deko, users can modify a single graphic and automatically apply those changes to all related graphics. Also, Deko performs graphics creation and manipulation in native HD resolution, including 3D DVEs and animating text attributes.

Also, Telestream FlipFactory Pro was used by ProCue--a facilities rental and service company--to automatically receive, convert and move digital movie clips for the on-stage display at the awards show.

Several films that received Oscar nods used digital cinematography and digital intermediate gear from Thomson Grass Valley .

"The Aviator" was scanned on a Spirit 4K film Scanner and DataCine and finished as a digital intermediate on the Grass Valley Spectre virtual DataCine. Director Mike Leigh and cinematographer Dick Pope shot the historical movie, "Vera Drake" on Super 16mm film, and then scanned it on a Spirit DataCine. The movie "Collateral" crew used the Viper FilmStream digital camera for most of its content.

Mobile production unit NEP SuperShooters used Grass Valley Kalypso HD Video switchers, four GVeous HD digital video effects systems, two PVS 2000 Profile?XP Media HD servers, several PVS 1000 Profile XP Media SD servers, and nearly 20 LDK 6000 mk II WorldCam digital cameras in its multiformat production trucks.