Thomson demos new products at IBC

Thomson's Viper now has a new color optical viewfinder.

Among a series of new, evolutionary products at IBC2004, Thomson showed its Grass Valley LDK 6200 HD Super SloMo digital camera system and a new optical viewfinder for the Viper FilmStream camera.

The new Grass Valley LDK 6200 HD Super SloMo digital camera system was on display, providing replays and super slow-motion effects in native 1080i HD resolution. At NAB2005, the company expects to release a 720p version. The LDK 6200 can also be used in standard LDK 6000 mk II HD camera mode.

P+S Technik, a film production accessories company in Munich, Germany, has developed the color optical viewfinder for the Viper camera. The new viewfinder helps operators see images through the lens, like a film camera, to enable the DP to see unwanted elements of a shot, such as boom mics overhead and objects on the periphery, which may not be visible in a viewfinder.

Along with its full lineup of cameras, Thomson also showed the Kalypso HD switcher, SD/HD routing, NewsEdit editing solutions and the Universal Interface Module (UIM), a device that provides an open interface between the Grass Valley Profile and GigE networks. The addition of GigE technology allows the Grass Valley Profile to handle large bandwidth files.

Thomson has completed its digital film workflow offering with the launch of the Grass Valley LUTher color space converter. The LUTher system allows users to monitor on an HD display or digital projector, confident that what a colorist sees will be what is transferred to the final delivery medium, whether that medium is video, film, or a digital projection file. The LUTher system provides precision color space management using 3-D look-up tables, with an unprecedented 256x256x256 internal resolution and RGB SD, HD and DVI monitor interfaces.

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