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The Phantom Arrives at Ubiquity Studios

IRVINE, CALIF.: Ubiquity Studios recently completed a production using the Phantom Flex digital camera. The Phantom is capable of 2,800 frames per second.

Ubiquity Studios put the Phantom to use by bringing down a Lamborghini LP-560 from Beverly Hills Lamborghini and a professional driver to showcase the imaging capabilities of perhaps the world’s best slow-motion camera. Ubiquity also brought in a pro-street skater to film doing kick flips in its large sound stage.

“We shot the Lamborghini coming around the corner of our studio lot at 100-plus miles per hour, and when you see the footage played back it seems as if it the car was barely moving around the hairpin turns,” said Ubiquity’s Director of Cinematography Mike Prickett.

The Phantom has a 12-bit pixel depth with the 1920x1080 resolution in the standard mode with three auxiliary power outlets for viewfinders and other external devices such as lenses from Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic. It was developed with 3D recording in mind and features on-camera controls for settings, playback, and minor editing.