The Mill opens New York office

The Mill has recently upgraded its London headquarters and opened a New York operation. Both facilities will use several Chyron products.

The Mill bought a Chyron Pro-Bel infrastructure for both its London and New York facilities. The Pro-Bel system includes a combination of Eclipse, Freeway and Axis routers, together with an Aurora control system, ICON modular products and standard and customized control panels.

The system for London was required for the machine room, Media Transfer (for dubbing and encoding) and the Telecine department. Existing routers were used in the new set-up and control.

Along with the Aurora, The Mill (London) has installed an Eclipse AES configured 96 x 96 in a 128 x 128 frame, Freeway 128 Timecode configured 64 x 64, Freeway 128 port RS422 Router equipped for 32 ports, 16 x 16 Axis HD, sixteen 48 button per source panels, 12 XY panels and two 24 x 12 control panels.

The Soho facility also took delivery of 21 customized XY panels. The Mill has also taken delivery of the first 16 x 16 HD Axis in the UK.

In New York a Freeway 32 router was supplied comprising 16x16 composite, 16 x 16 SDI, 16 x 16 analogue audio and 16 x 16 AES, together with integral control - all in one 3U frame. A number of ICON modules were also installed.

The Mill runs a virtual private network between the two sites and all engineering and administration is done in the UK. This includes remote configuration of the database and also enables work to be shared between the two sites.

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