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The Khronos Group releases OpenML software development kit at NAB2004

The Khronos Group will release, free of charge an OpenML software development kit (SDK) that provides software and hardware developers with a complete, cross-platform programming environment for the standardized capturing, processing, synchronizing and playing of digital media content. Developers who work with streaming media content, audio and video or controlling and synchronizing devices will want to use OpenML.

The company said that with the widespread adoption of the OpenML SDK, developers can take advantage of more open system architectures for integrated graphics and video applications allowing them to more easily develop cross-platform media content.

The OpenML file protocol makes it easier to accomplish these digital media tasks because it is an open and cross-platform API that synchronizes multiple devices to manage media streams and works with OpenGL to create a unified programming environment.

With almost 4000 downloads of the SDK and more than 13,000 of the specification since the beta version was released earlier this year, momentum is clearly building around the OpenML standard. This growth shows that the industry is ripe for more effective standardization that will improve the development process for all manufacturers and enhance the end-user experience through greater interoperability.

The SDK will be available free of charge from the Khronos Group at

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