The Emmys honor Thomson with two awards

Thomson picked up two Emmys at the Technology and Engineering Emmy awards last week in New York City. Holding the statuettes are (from left to right): Mark Walker, Managing Engineer for the NewsBrowse development team, Marc Valentin, President, Thomson Broadcast & Media Solutions, and Peter Centen, Engineering Group Leader in the camera R&D department.

Thomson was awarded with two Technology and Engineering Emmy awards at last week's ceremony in New York City.

The company was first recognized for the development of its HD Dynamic Pixel Management (DPM) FT-17 technology used in its Grass Valley LDK camera line. The technology oversamples information coming into a camera’s sensor, or CCD, to create more realistic and lifelike images.

Thomson's DPM technology is leveraged across the entire LDK camera line, from the recently introduced LDK 300 SD camera and multi-format LDK 6000 mk II WorldCam HD camera to the Grass Valley Viper FilmStream Camera system for digital cinematography.

Thomson's LDK 6000 mk II WorldCam HD camera features Thomson's award winning DPM technology.

The second award honored Thomson for the pioneering development of software technology that speeds the work of broadcast news editors. This software lets broadcasters automatically capture two copies of the same video feed: a full-bandwidth, high-resolution file and a compressed proxy copy of the same file. Using unique identifiers, the software ensures that the two files are inextricably linked so that an editor can create a rough edit of a story offline, at a desktop PC, then finish the edit with in high-resolution edit suite.

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