The Associated Press, Streamworks To Offer APTN Direct

LONDON: The Associated Press and Streamworks will offer APTN Direct, an online stream of the live video news service.

APTN Direct covers and supplies breaking news to nearly 200 broadcasters worldwide. AP says it was the first news agency to launch a live coverage service in 2003, covering the invasion of Iraq in real time. Until now the service was only available to customers via satellite. The new Streamworks solution will make the live service available via online, mobile and tablet devices, to meet the growing demand for live content from digital platforms.

Customers will have live access to AP’s exclusive service of breaking and scheduled news events, including elections, summits, natural disasters and protests. The service includes up-to-the-minute detail on footage being transmitted, and advance planning information of upcoming video coverage.

The streaming solution will be available through customizable desktop, online and mobile interfaces. Uninterrupted feeds will be delivered in multiple bitrates, including high-definition, and distributed across multiple content delivery providers to ensure efficient global reach and guarantee reliable and stable delivery. With easy integration into any existing workflows and partnerships, the video feed provided is fully embeddable, platform-neutral and supported with data traffic analytics.

AP is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar upgrade to its video business which will see the agency switch its entire newsgathering, production and distribution systems to HD. The investment will provide AP customers with a wider range of options in how they receive video content, both in the traditional broadcast market and on digital platforms.