Texas Rangers Ballpark Adds Broadcast Pix Slate 2100

The Texas Rangers Ballpark is being equipped with a Broadcast Pix Slate 2100 switching and production system. It will be used for live video production to transmit ballgame replays on large-screen displays at the stadium.

The new switcher integrates multiview displays, a character generator, clipstore and aspect ratio conversion with switching functionality. It will be used with live cameras, remote truck feeds and other video sources at the Arlington, Texas, venue.

“The Broadcast Pix Slate brings us from 1990s technology to the present time, while setting us up well into the future by allowing us to upgrade to HD when we are ready,” said Chuck Morgan, Texas Rangers vice president of entertainment and special events. “The Broadcast Pix switcher wears many hats, as do our operators. That versatility allows our operators to perform multiple functions as we have done in the past, in a less hectic manner.”