Texas Instruments Introduces All-Format Video Decoder

Texas Instruments Inc. recently unveiled an all-format digital video decoder that enables PC graphics formats and SD and HD video formats in display applications. The video decoder, a single-chip analog front end, is designed for flexible viewing of multiple video formats, and lowers board-level chip count and improves time-to-market for OEMs. Applications include use with flat panel display equipment, rear-projection TVs and others.

The TVP5200 includes three 9-bit, 165-MHz analog-to-digital converters (ADC), a 10-bit, 80-MHz ADC and a programmable RISC CPU. It digitizes baseband analog component video and PC graphics into digital component video and integrates a decoder for composite and S-Video input. It also integrates peripheral video functions

The TVP5200 has 16 analog video inputs with integrated switches to allow multisource connections. This generates standards-compliant digital video output formats that can interface to any DSP or ASIC for digital video processing. The device also features automatic video standard detection and TI's MacroVision-certified copy protection detection technology. The decoder contains a patented architecture for locking to weak, noisy or unstable signals from VCRs or in-house TV antennas.

It enables high-quality digitization of all computer RGB graphics formats up to UXGA at 60 Hz. The decoder supports NTSC, PAL and SECAM CVBS standards. In addition, the chip decodes incoming composite, S-Video and component formats and supports all DTV formats.