Telestream Vantage Certifies Archion Tech Products

LOS ANGELES—A trio of Archion Technologies creative storage systems have been certified for Telestream Vantage, the Velo, Omni and Omni Hybrid NAS. All three systems are designed for storage and playback of 4K digital video in post-production, production, graphics and finishing.

Telestream Vantage is a software-enabled media processing platform that manages media services from the camera to the point of distribution. Working with Archion creates a 4K video storage workflow system that allows Telestream Lightspeed servers to be connected to four ports of high-speed 10gigE, according to James Tucci, Archion CTO.

Certification testing for all three products was done at line level, and performed file movement tests between Vantage and Editstor, direct convert testing with ProRes files, transcoding, and creating and reading open files. Archion’sbaseline was a 6 GB file and the test showed Editstor was reading and writing 8.2 faster than real time. Transcode and open file ingest tests were comparable, per Archion.