Telestream, Ustream expand partnership

Telestream, a provider of digital media tools and workflow systems, and Ustream, a live and interactive broadcasting platform, have announced the expansion of a successful OEM partnership that puts Telestream Wirecast live video production technology in the hands of Ustream subscribers. Ustream Producer Studio is the latest product to emerge from Ustream's family of Producer products which were originally launched in 2010. Since that time, Ustream Producer products have grown to over a half-million downloads. With today's launch of Producer 2.0, the family of Ustream desktop streaming media applications expands to include three products: Ustream Producer for any user; Ustream Producer Pro, an advanced application; and the new Ustream Producer Studio, a powerful application for professionals.

The Ustream Producer product line includes a scalable range of high-quality, live streaming production systems for both Mac and PC. Leveraging the power of Telestream's Wirecast architecture, Ustream products allow for the creation of custom productions and offer various intuitive and slick broadcasting features using an interface which is easy to use for any broadcaster. Ustream users, ranging from beginner to advanced level, are able to stream professionally produced content by incorporating music, image transitions, picture-in-picture, and more with the click of a button.

These systems are meant to provide any user with the ability to broadcast high-quality and engaging content on a limited budget. Ustream Producer is a free application. Users can also upgrade to Ustream Producer Pro to enhance the sophistication and gain more control of their broadcasts. New Producer Studio offers yet another level of power and flexibility with features that include IP and HD camera support, chroma keying, scoreboards, virtual sets, and much more.