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Telestream server software helps WJCT streamline video workflow

WJCT, a local PBS television and radio broadcast station in Jacksonville, FL, has deployed Telestream Vantage enterprise-class server software to automate and integrate file-based video workflow processes, create intelligent workflows, and eliminate manual intervention to solve a number of workflow challenges.

A long-time Telestream FlipFactory user, the station upgraded to Vantage to take advantage of its ability to automate a greater number of the station's workflow processes. Since implementing Vantage, WJCT has streamlined its operations, and enabled producers to create more content for television, radio and the Web, according to Duane Smith, director of technology at WJCT.

Smith said Vantage has allowed them to work the real-time aspect out of almost all of its operations and work faster than real time. The station’s production arm is now able to spend more time creating and delivering new content, faster and more efficiently. And, they’ve automated processes that were 100 percent manual prior to implementing the system.

The station uses a large storage array and Vantage to tie processes together for seamless manipulation of content. The software provides automatic content ingest, sharing, conversion, analysis, delivery and notification. It has also allowed the station to more closely tie television and radio together with automated conversions and transfers out to the Web or delivery wherever it needs to be.

Vantage allows WJCT to create intelligent video workflows that make decisions and perform actions, without requiring manual intervention. This includes determining if content is curtained or letterboxed, and automatically performing actions based on those findings. The station also uses Vantage to monitor editing systems, move and convert material for master control, the Web and the PBS Cove project with minimal user intervention. Additionally, Vantage is used to remove all real-time transfers of underwriting materials — from creation, approval, QA, and loading into the on-air server — with e-mail notifications alerting everyone to the status of the process.