Telestream Adds Aspera to Vantage

LAS VEGAS—Aspera faspex for Telestream Vantage has been released, enabling high-speed, secure ingest and distribution of file-based media and metadata managed and automated by Vantage.

Telestream Vantage provides video transcoding and intelligent workflow orchestration products – from single-server systems for automating transcoding, to multi-server systems that produce and assemble finished media packages. Vantage brings transcoding, media capture, metadata processing and analysis into a unified system. faspex is integrated into Vantage, and operators can incorporate secure, high-speed file transfer and delivery of any file or groups of files as part of the unified, automated video workflow.

The modular nature of Vantage makes it easy for users to create workflows that incorporate Aspera faspex delivery. Direct product integration allows Vantage to create the faspex package and to initiate the high-speed transfer to an Aspera server. Recipients are notified upon package delivery and can download the package with any Aspera faspex client including the Connect browser plug-in, iOS or Android mobile faspex app, Cargo automatic downloader or the Aspera faspex Add-in for Outlook.