Technicolor chooses PubliTronic integrated playout for NPO’s themed channel service

Technicolor will deploy PubliTronic NEXUS playout servers and a new Cobalt TX-MAM media asset management system for the 10-channel playout service it operates for NPO (Nederlands Publieke Omroep), the Dutch public broadcaster.

PubliTronic’s integrated playout platform offers Technicolor a high degree of flexibility and functionality for its playout service and will be fully deployed over a six-week period in September.

NEXUS playout servers will replace PubliTronic’s second-generation Indigo servers, which are currently used by Technicolor to play out the NPO theme channels. With the new platform, Technicolor will be able to provide NPO with much greater integration and a more simplified workflow with its three main channels through program library compatibility, as well as allow designers more freedom with graphics and improved translation functionality. The platform is capable of handling D10 30Mb/s and 50Mb/s MXF content and also offers the option to play out HD.

Technicolor also will use PubliTronic’s new Cobalt TX-MAM transmission media asset management system. TX-MAM introduces asset jobs feature, which offers the ability to analyze scheduled assets during transmission and provides increased visibility and management for operators from the standard interface.