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TeamCast, SIDSA, TELECOM Bretagne to test DVB-T2

France’s TeamCast and TELECOM Bretagne and Spain’s SIDSA created a collaborative research project in February 2008 to validate the new, second-generation standard for digital terrestrial TV, DVB-T2, issued by the DVB Consortium in June 2008.

The result, SME42 (small-to-midsize business for T2), took first place among proposals and accepted projects in the initiative to support high-technology SMEs that collaborate in European R&D projects.

In SME for T2, Teamcast will build the T2 transmission section, SIDSA will build the T2 receiving end and TELECOM Bretagne will bring in its expertise in digital signal processing applied to broadcasting. All three will collaborate in assembling and testing the complete test system.

Begun in September 2008 to take place over 24 months, SME42 is expected to deliver its first results during the second half of 2009. Analog TV shutoff in Europe is expected by 2012.

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