Tascam Announces dSLR Audio Recorder

MONTEBELLO, Calif. — The DR-70D from Tascam is an audio recording solution for filmmakers using dSLRs and other cameras with little or no audio capability. With four balanced XLR mic inputs, the new DR-70D meets the requirements of production sound, from professional users to indie DSLR shooters.

The compact format can be mounted either above or below a camera, and a pair of built-in microphones can capture sound on-set. The interface is designed for quick adjustment, with additional features to keep recording levels under control.

Four XLR mic inputs with phantom power are included on the DR-70D, enough to cover busy scenes. The high-quality HDDA microphone preamps include 64 dB of gain for quiet performances, and all four inputs have individual gain controls. Each input has a limiter and low cut filter available for controlling volume. Also included is Dual Recording mode, which records a safety copy of your audio at a lower level to prevent distorted takes. Quality components like 5532 op amps are used throughout for the clearest audio possible.

Tracks on the DR-70D are captured to SD card, SDHC or SDXC media — up to 128GB cards are supported. The recorder has tripod mounts on the top and bottom of the unit, allowing it to be mounted on a camera, a follow-focus cage or used standalone. Other production-friendly features include a slate tone, low-noise buttons, a powerful headphone output, and standard AA battery power.

Designed for the needs of filmmakers, television producers, advertisers and documentarians, the DR-70D packs multitrack recording into a package compact enough to use with any camera.

Some of the recorder's features include:

  • • Four-channel recorder and mixer
  • • Compact case with tripod mounts designed for use with cameras
  • • Supports up to 96kHz/24-bit WAV and BWF recording formats
  • • Four XLR microphone inputs with phantom power
  • • HDDA Mic preamps feature 64dB of gain with individual controls per channel
  • • 1/8-inch stereo input with plug-in power for camera mics
  • • Two internal omni microphones
  • • Line/camera in and out for synchronization and playback
  • • Records to SD, SDHC, or SDXC media

The Tascam DR-70D will have an estimated street price of $300.