Tandberg and TV Globo Show World Cup Final in HD in Brazil

During the World Cup soccer tournament, Tandberg Television partnered with Brazil's largest broadcaster, TV Globo, to create a digital cinema presentation of the World Cup final between Brazil and Germany in theaters in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Audiences packed one theater in each city to watch Brazil win its fifth World Cup, this time in hi-def. The broadcast was sent from International Stadium in Yokahama, Japan, where a feed was sent to a Tandberg E5821 high-definition encoder at the International Broadcast Center in Seoul, South Korea. There the signal was transmitted in QPSK and uplinked to satellite using a Tandberg SM5600 modulator. The signal was then sent via satellite to the Brazilian theaters, where it was received and decoded by Tandberg PMRX5800 modular receivers, passed to digital projectors and displayed in digital cinema format on both screens. The projectionists switched between HD and SD to demonstrate the difference to the audiences.