Syntax-Brillian Opens HD Plant in California

There will be some more HD sets out there soon with actual "Made in USA" labels on them. Syntax-Brillian has opened a production facility in Ontario, Calif., that will produce the company's line of Olevia brand HD sets for distribution throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The new 50,000 square-foot facility for the Tempe, Ariz.-based firm has begun operating in partnership with Solar Link Technologies of Taiwan. According to Syntax-Brillian, the production capacity of the California plant is expected to exceed 200,000 units annually (LCD and LCoS). Screen sizes will range from 32 to 65 inches.

By early 2007, the plant plans to begin using two work shifts to achieve maximum output. Logistically, vendor warehouses containing the prerequisite thin film transistor LCD panels and plastics supplies are all located near Ontario.

Earlier this month, Syntax-Brillian opened a smaller plant (30,000 square feet) in Nanjing, China, with a projected output of about 300,000 LCD HD units per year.