Sweetwater's Latest HD-Truck Will Roll With Riedel

L.A.-based production system rental company Sweetwater Digital Productions has purchased Riedel's Artist 128 intercom system for its new 53-foot HDTV production mobile unit.

The mobile unit is currently under construction and designed to accommodate large-scale concerts, awards ceremonies and other sports and entertainment applications. The Artist 128 mainframe will provide 128 ports in 6 RU; and distributed systems up to 1024 x 1024 ports that can be realized by linking several mainframes over fibre.

Every frame size can be a fully redundant system with redundant power supplies and redundant controller cards if needed. All modules are hot-swappable while the optional superior alarm signalization monitors potential failures both as a hardware alarm and a software alarm in the Director Configuration software. Other features include increased memory for complex multinode installations, superior alarm signalization, optimized cooling for quiet operation, and compatibility with legacy Artist frames.

"In addition to the Artist intercom panels' ease of operation, the platform offers the most convenient way to link communications between two or more trucks. There is no need for trunking or uncomfortable four-wire configurations--it's just a piece of fibre and you're done", said Mark Hale, chief engineer with Sweetwater.