Sweetwater readies HDTV truck

Los Angeles-based Sweetwater Digital Productions is outfitting a new HDTV production truck designed to accommodate large-scale concerts, awards ceremonies and other high-profile entertainment events.

Although some of the equipment choices for the 53ft double-expando unit are still being finalized, the Sweetwater team knew from the start that it would install a Studer Vista 8 digital mixing console in the truck’s generously sized audio suite.

Studer has worked with Sweetwater chief engineer Mark Hale and his team to customize the console to meet the specific requirements of the install. For example, the company helped Sweetwater interface the Vista 8 with a Philips Jupiter system to permit control of all audio crosspoints through Jupiter’s software.

“With 256 tie-lines between the console and router, we’ll be able to very easily route any microphone or crosspoint to any tape machine without having to even think about leaving the internal I/O,” Hale said. According to Hale, the way the console’s I/O system is structured and how it uses MADI lines for routing signals have been particularly useful.

Employing an unprecedented 20 rack-mounted Studer D21m I/O frames and two new SCore Live DSP cores — one for the console and another for the 1024 x 816 router — Sweetwater Digital Productions’ new desk goes on record as the largest Vista 8 ever manufactured in terms of sheer input and output size.

For more information, visit: www.studer.ch.