Swedish cinema chain commits to HD

SF Bio has selected HD-capable projectors to equip more than 400 screens in 210 cinemas at 21 locations across Sweden.

The new HD projectors will replace the use of 35mm projection systems. The HD systems will be operational early next year.

Bonnier, which owns SF Bio, is Sweden’s leading cinema chain with 210 screens in 21 locations across Sweden. SF Media, a division of SF Bio, conducts commercial screenings in more than 235 cinemas.

Pre-show advertising material, screenings, previews and general media content will be screened in each of the cinemas. Each advertising campaign is booked from a central location and distributed in 1920 x 1080 HD over an advanced broadband platform with digital 5.1 sound.

Among the new projectors to be used are the projectiondesign cineo3+ 1080 HD projectors.

For more information, visit www.projectiondesign.com.