Sun aims JavaFX at multiscreen content distribution

Last month, Sun Microsystems introduced JavaFX, a one-stop development environment for creating Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and content for mobile phones, desktops, televisions and other consumer devices.

JavaFX gives graphic designers and software developers the tools they need to collaborate on the development of these Rich Internet Applications. With growing emphasis being placed on media convergence and distribution of content across multiple platforms, Sun hopes to capitalize on the success and ubiquity of Java-enabled devices to propel acceptance of its new JavaFX release.

This week, Eric Klein, Sun’s VP of Java marketing, and Bill Sheppard, chief digital media officer of the Java Software Group, discuss the new release and how it can be put to work to fulfill the desire of content owners to leverage various media, including Internet TV, to create buzz among the public about their content.

This week’s Sound Off is presented as an audio podcast.

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