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Study Heralds DVR as 'Breakthrough,' Warns Advertisers

A report entitled, "DVR Love: A Survey of Digital Video Recorder Users," found that 72 percent of consumers report "extreme" satisfaction with the TV viewing experience since acquiring a DVR. Seven percent of respondents said they were satisfied before getting a DVR, but that percentage jumped to 72 after the purchase. The report is based on an Internet survey of more than 600 U.S. DVR users conducted this spring by Lyra Research's DTV View group, and the increased satisfaction trend spans demographics such as age, gender, income and education level.

A spokesman for the study said, "Based on the results of this survey, we consider the DVR to be a breakthrough product that will significantly impact people's lives. However, given the frequent use of DVRs for fast-forwarding past commercials, the TV advertising industry needs a breakthrough of equal magnitude."

Lyra Research is offering the complete report free to qualified industry executives. Visit for more information.