Studio Network Solutions to Showcase globalSAN at IBC2004

Studio Network Solutions (SNS) will showcase globaSAN during IBC2004 next month in Amsterdam. The iSCSI-based globalSAN is an IP-based storage networking standard that enables transport of block-level I/O data over high-speed Ethernet.

"Most multi-workstation facilities that don't have Fibre Channel currently rely on their Ethernet network for file-sharing. They will be more likely to adopt new technology such as globalSAN, because they won't necessarily have to abandon their entire existing network," said Eric Newbauer, SNS's director of operations.

Part of the globalSAN technology is the iSCSI initiator, a software application that was included along with iSCSI support into SNS's existing SANmp volume sharing software for Fibre Channel storage networks.

GlobalSAN is Kerebos-ready and will support up to 10Gb of Ethernet. Kerebos is a network authentication protocol designed to provide strong authentication by using secret-key cryptography.

SNS--based in St. Louis, Mo.--will be in Booth 7.611 at IBC2004, Sept. 10-14. For more information, visit