Streambox to offer compact, real-time encoder

Streambox will show a new generation of video transport solutions for mobile newsgathering over IP or satellite at the IBC conference in September. The compact, Streambox SBT3-7500 encoder is a plug-and-connect, real-time video encoder that, according to the company, delivers MPEG-2 video quality at a 75 percent lower data rate and provides up to 50 percent better efficiency than MPEG-4 systems.

The unit weighs five pounds and measures 2.5in x 12in x 13in, making it ideally suited to mobile newsgathering, whether in a news truck, for airborne/seaborne surveillance and video transport, or in any other setting in which portability and lower power consumption are critical. The SBT3-7500 encoder can run on an 80-Watt car battery.

The SBT3-7500 system is built on Streambox's existing ACT-L3 codec and its proprietary video compression algorithms. The encoder enables users to leverage cost-effective packet-based networks in the delivery of full-motion, full-frame interlaced broadcast video and audio. A store-and-forward option (IP) offers additional flexibility in the management and transmission of video content.

The system supports 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 color profiles and ensures excellent picture quality through advanced forward error correction and burst error correction, which manage, control and recover packet loss and correct video-delivery irregularities inherent in satellite and IP-based networks. Low end-to-end latency maintains the quality of real-time video in newsgathering and video conferencing applications.

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