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Streambox Intros Hybrid HD IP Encoder for Mac OS X

Streambox ACT-L3
Streambox is on the verge of launching a hybrid HD-SD version of its original ACT-L3 software encoder which it's marketing as a "first of its kind" product to provide HD-quality streaming over low data-rate IP connections for news remotes and other applications.

The ACT-L3 will be initially available for Apple's Mac OS X platforms, designed to enable broadcasters to transmit live (or archived) 720p/1080i with new options (such as cellular 3G/4G bonding) that Streambox said will make the most of network bandwidth to achieve high HD imaging.

The goal of the new encoder is to allow reliable HD video over a relatively economical 3G/4G wireless IP connection from an array of field locations (such as Haiti and Chile) for breaking news coverage, sports, and other purposes.

Typically, a reporter using Streambox's scheme would require a Mac laptop (running the Streambox encoder), a camera and a portable SDI device. The field kit would allow the gathering, editing and streaming of live HD-SDI video from the remote site over low data-rate IP connections such as 3G/4G, WiFi or VSAT.

Exclusive to the new encoder over its big brother are enhanced multiplexing capabilities permitting the accommodation of dual BGAN terminals, T1 lines, and 3G/4G air cards for increased bandwidth.