Streambox Cloud Adds Facebook Live Support

SEATTLE—Streambox is logging on to Facebook Live as the company announced it has added native support that will be available immediately. Streambox users will be able to access Facebook Live playout through Streambox Cloud services using all Streambox video encoders.

With Streambox support, Facebook Live users can bond multiple networks—3G/4G/Wi-Fi/internet—to build bandwidth to stream high-quality video when not automatically connected to Wi-Fi. It also can compress live video for low bandwidth transport using a proprietary codec, specifically Advanced Compression Technology – Level 3 combined with Low Delay Mutli-Path network Protocol technology for low latency adaptive bitrate streaming.

In addition, users can add one or more professional level cameras when the mobile app is supported by Streambox technology. Outlets can switch cameras live and vet feeds once it reaches Streambox Cloud or Enterprise servers and handpick what streams go into Facebook Live. Post-production effects can also be added with live team contribution through third party software.

Streambox is a developer of IP-based video streaming and cloud-based streaming services.