Straight Shoot’r Cranes introduces Mini Straight Shoot’r

Straight Shoot’r Cranes, Inc., has introduced the Mini-Me 3-axis jib arm professional motion picture camera movement system. The one-piece Mini-Me is a smaller, seven-foot version of the one-piece 10-foot Straight Shoot’r 3-axis jib arm.

The new Mini-Me offers cinematographers the same unique Z-axis “slider” gliding camera mount in combination with a jib-arm, and the same smooth 3-axis camera movement capabilities of the classic Straight Shoot’r, but the Mini-Me can be used in much tighter locations. Also, its smaller size enables it to be more easily used on soundstages for episodic TV, etc.

“I keep in constant touch with the cinematographers who use my equipment and one of the biggest requests they had was that, at certain times, the classic Straight Shoot’r was too large,” said Andy Coradeschi, President of Straight Shoot’r Cranes, “so I manufactured several smaller-sized prototypes and the seven-foot model was the one that cinematographers agreed best enabled them to benefit from the creative freedom and production efficiencies the Straight Shoot’r system offers them, even while shooting in cramped quarters.”

Straight Shoot’r 3-axis jib-arms are available for rent at the company’s headquarters in Los Angeles and at selected camera and grip rental houses across the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan.