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Steve Davis and Martin Hadfield Represent Broadcasters on FCC Katrina Impact Panel

The first meeting of the FCC's Independent Panel Reviewing the Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Communications Networks is scheduled for Jan. 30. As the name implies, the panel will review the impact of Hurricane Katrina on telecommunications and media infrastructure and recommend ways to improve disaster preparedness, network reliability and communications among first responders. The panel will provide recommendations by June 15.

Steve Davis, senior vice president of engineering for Clear Channel Radio, and Martin Hadfield, vice president of engineering for Entercom, will represent broadcasters. Kay Sears, senior vice president of sales and marketing, G2 Satellite Solution, PanAmSat Corp. and Carson Agnew, executive vice president of Mobile Satellite Ventures LP, will represent satellite providers. Kelly Kirwan, vice president of the state and local government and commercial markets division at Motorola is the equipment provider representative on the panel. Greg Bicket, vice president and regional manager at Cox Communications in Metairie, La. is the cable provider representative.

The Jan. 30 meeting will be open to the public. For more information on the panel and how to attend the meeting, see FCC Public Notice DA-06-57.